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Enermatix Consulting Inc. is a team of land professionals providing leadership, coaching, training, work-flow and process design, and project management consulting services. We focus on multiple business functions with leading capability with land acquisitions and divestitures, regulatory compliance, land systems conversion, land audits, strategic planning, and supply chain management. The Enermatix team has experience throughout the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (BC, AB, SK, MB), northern frontier lands, offshore, Ontario, and the United States. Enermatix provides services throughout Canada and the US.

Enermatix provides pragmatic business solutions to help clients achieve best value. We combine decades of real-world industry experience with professional skills and knowledge.

Enermatix Services


  • Due Diligence
  • Land Administration
  • Land A&D
  • Land Audit
  • Title Review
  • Process Audit
  • Workflow Design
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Pipeline Administration
  • Corporate Governance


  • Most-merger Data Integration
  • Systems Conversion
  • Field Data Capture
  • Data Integrity
  • Document Management
  • Paper Reduction


  • Management
  • Scheduling
  • Controls

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