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Information Systems Planning

We help our clients develop and implement strategic plans for their investments in information technology. In tying plans to corporate goals, Enermatix considers business systems and processes, technology infrastructure, systems organization, outsourcing opportunities and funding levels.

Mergers and Acquisitions and Divestitures

Competitive forces are seeing many industry sectors undertake significant restructuring and rationalization. Hand-in-hand with this restructuring is an intensely challenging period of uncertainty and change. Enermatix has actively participated in many of the recent mergers that have impacted the oil and gas sector. Our clients value the independent perspective that we bring to the table in resolving issues, advising on decisions, and rationalizing information technology.

Systems Audit

Enermatix reviews and audits business systems at any stage (from development to production) to ensure that user requirements are being met and the client is receiving value from their systems. Clients appreciate our management perspective in addressing technology challenges with directness and transparency.

Regulatory Compliance

Enermatix performs detailed regulatory compliance assessments in the energy sector to determine the regulatory compliance of systems, procedures, documentation, and controls. We have a standardized and highly successful process that consists of interviewing key users, developers, quality assurance, support, operation and management personnel who are involved with the respective computerized system(s) and processes. We also perform detailed assessments of the regulatory compliance of systems documentation, study records and relevant information in accordance with federal and provincial regulations, guidelines and expectations. Our regulatory compliance assessments and vendor audits often result in findings and recommendations for remediation tasks and sub-projects. We have assisted in assuring that regulatory compliance issues are adequately resolved through a structured process of planning, progress monitoring, and reporting.

Project Management

We have a wide range of experience in modern systems development and implementation methodologies. Our approach emphasizes practical steps, client involvement/self-sufficiency, results-orientation and risk management. We are proud of our reputation for completing projects on time and within budget.

Software Selection

Enermatix has extensive experience in helping clients identify, evaluate and select products and solutions for application software. Clients value our in-depth understanding of the local marketplace in helping to fast-track the decision-making process without sacrificing quality.

Process Improvement

From smaller-scale facilitation to rigorous process review/redesign, we have a proven record for identifying improved ways of doing business.

Interim Management

Many organizations benefit from our senior level information management expertise on a part-time basis. This involves working with senior management to provide overall direction for information management initiatives that support the organization’s goals and objectives. These organizations find our services a cost-effective way to ensure information technology is providing positive returns on investment.

Corporate Management

Enermatix provides the skills and expertise to our clients to prepare for a variety of corporate management requirements. Our goal is to assist our clients improve how they manage their investments in people, processes, and technology while recognizing the demand for enhanced management and internal control practices. Our structured approach includes programs to conduct risk assessments and develop solutions for a wide range of areas which include: Entity Controls, General IT Controls, Business Controls, and Business Application Controls

Recruitment and Coaching

Enermatix provides specialized skill and expertise in effectively recruiting, coaching, developing, and retaining young professionals.

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